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Subdivision is our core business and is the process of splitting your existing land title into two or more.


Geoworks has the expertise and experience to turn your rural or urban subdivision concept into reality. Subdivision is a complex process that can involve many parties, however Geoworks can project manage the subdivision process for you, from obtaining the resource (subdivision) consent from the local Council, to the design and construction monitoring of access and services (where applicable), arranging contractors, undertaking the legal land transfer survey and coordinating with your solicitor to have the new titles issued by Land Information New Zealand.


Boundary adjustments are considered a subdivision under the Resource Management Act, however in many cases the requirements are simpler than a full subdivision.


At Geoworks we offer a free no-obligation initial consultation in which we can review your land and proposal, offer expert advice, explain the subdivision process and give an indication of the likely costs.

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Geoworks have the necessary qualifications and expertise to accurately relocate your property boundaries. In addition to the external boundary corners, marks can also be placed along the boundary line or at an offset to the boundary.


We can then produce a diagram detailing the work undertaken for your records, or if required for a building consent we can issue a certification to Council When official boundary pegs are placed, legislation requires that we record the placement of these pegs on a plan that is submitted to and approved by Land Information New Zealand.


The basis of a good design is accurate information. Before design work starts on your project it is advisable to have a topographical site survey undertaken.


This is a detailed survey of the ground contours and features on the site such as buildings, driveways, paved areas, services, trees/vegetation, kerb lines etc.


This information is then produced on a richly detailed plan in serveral formats, including digital data which can be used by architectural designers and others.



Are you wasting hours setting up building profiles? Do you have critical setbacks off legal boundaries? Do you know the exact location of the boundary to be able to position the building accurately?


Our surveyors can accurately set out both the position and height of your building or civil construction project, no matter what the complexity. A set out certificate can be provided to Council if required as a condition of a building consent.

land surveying



If undertaking a land development project, then it is assured that a resource consent will be required under the Resource Management Act 1991.


This Act promotes the sustainable management of natural and physical resources such as land, air and water.


There are some complexities to understanding the Act and how this can directly impact projects both financially and in terms of feasibility of what can be achieved with the land.


Working with an experienced planner can provide clear direction for projects and help in understanding the requirements in local authority district plans and how these are applied. This can reduce unnecssary time delays and costly mistakes.


We work with the client, local authorities, decision makers and stakeholders so we are all moving in the same direction with a common goal.


The Geoworks' planning team can help in the following specialist areas: - Resource consent applications and submissions - Land use consents - Subdivision consent and design (urban and rural) - Stormwater discharge consents - Earthwork consents - Rezoning - Feasibility studies and property investigations



Not only do we design the subdivision layout, our surveyors are also experienced in the civil engineering work required to implement the subdivision.


Be it a simple right of way or a large greenfields subdivision, we can design the roading, earthworks, building platforms and the sewer, stormwater and water supply services.


We understand the requirements of councils and are able to work towards not only cost effective and good engineering solutions, but solutions that are acceptable to council. We work with a number of local contractors and regularly monitor the construction to ensure that work is completed and signed off to the required standard.


Often developments require other specialist consultants to provide advice on other matters such as ground stability and traffic effects. We have professional relationships with the right consultants to ensure results.


Geoworks can assist to simplify the process and guide clients through: - Roading/right of way design - Services design - Construction monitoring to ensure compliance with council standards - Compile appropriate certificates to compliance and suitability.


In order to establish a site that is suitable for a proposed building platform a "good ground" test may be required by local authorities. The testing determines the "ultimate bearing capacity" in accordance with NZ 3604. This information can be passed on to the building designer.

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