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Land Surveying Services









Are you looking to re-fence or build close to the boundary?

Unsure of where your legal boundaries are or having a dispute with your neighbour?


Geoworks have the necessary qualifications and expertise to accurately relocate your property boundaries.  In addition to the external boundary corners, marks can also be placed along the boundary line or at an offset to the boundary.  We can then produce a diagram detailing the work undertaken for your records, or if required for a building consent we can issue a certification to Council.


When official boundary pegs are placed, legislation requires that we record the placement of these pegs on a plan that is submitted to and approved by Land Information New Zealand.


The basis of a good design is accurate information.


Before design work starts on your project it is advisable to have a topographical site survey undertaken. This is a detailed survey of the ground contours and features on the site such as buildings, driveways, paved areas, services, trees/vegetation, kerb lines etc.  This information is then produced on a richly detailed plan in several formats, including digital data which can be used by architectural designers and others.


Are you wasting hours setting up building profiles?

Do you have critical setbacks off legal boundaries?

Do you know the exact location of the boundary to be able to position the building accurately?


Our surveyors can accurately set out both the position and height of your building or civil construction project, no matter what the complexity.  A setout certificate can be provided to Council if required as a condition of a building consent.



Do you need the position or height of a building certified?


We can accurately record the “as-built” position of the finished building (or during construction) and provide a certification of its position relative to the legal boundaries, finished floor level and height in relation to boundary.


Do you need to create a formal easement for a service or access?


Geoworks can undertake an easement survey and issue the necessary easement plan for your solicitor to register the easement.

Other types of surveys we are experienced in include:

  • QEII Covenant Survey

  • Legalisation Survey

  • Removal of Limitations (“Limited Title”) Survey

  • Cross Lease Update

Land Surveying Services

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